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Zoomer Dino Robot by Spin Master

Some of the best selling and favorable educational toys today include my favorite, Boomer - The Zoomer Dino Robot. This historical educational toy brings in a realistic depiction of reptiles. Its bio-mechanic ability to move makes this toy interesting enough to inspire your child to learn more about historical creations.

How the Zoomer Dino works:

Using True Balance Technology™, Boomer perfectly balances while exploring your home on two wheels. Zoomer moves with ease on carpets just as well as on hard surfaces. With real dinosaur movements, sounds, and dino-sense responsiveness, Boomer can detect when you’re interacting with him. Use your hands or the included controller to put him on attack and to tame his Dino nature. Just like a real dinosaur, Boomer can get angry, spin around, chomp his massive reptile jaws, and roar. You can train Boomer to dance, chase, chomp, and roar. But watch out: Boomer will let you know he’s angry if you pull on his tail. His eyes will light up to indicate if he’s happy or mad. His eyes will turn blue when he senses your hand, turn purple while he’s being trained and go red when he’s mad. 

What does my child get with Zoomer Dino?

Robotic toys, such as Spin Master - Zoomer Dino teaches your child to express emotions while showing him how dinosaurs demonstrated their emotional responses. Your child will develop behavior patterns that help him or her take control. The toy has a couple of moods that show his satisfaction, hunger, aggressiveness and submissive side.

Zoomer Dino Boomer Robot

This is physical toy for kids to play with on the floor. Boomer the Zoomer Dino is the ultimate pre-historic pet for kids ages 5+, charges via USB cable and requires 3 AAA batteries for remote control operation.

Zoomer is awesome fun toy for kids that even adults want to play with him. Your children will love it!

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