Luvabeu Baby Boy Doll

educational toys for kids Luvabeau Baby Boy Doll

Luvabeu Interactive Baby Boy Doll

Adorable baby boy doll that you will have so much fun to play with. From the second he opens his eyes and laughs, Luvabeau Baby Boy Doll will amaze you with his realistic facial expressions! He moves, talks and plays just like a real child.

Luvabella and Luvabeau dolls are created by Spin Master. The Luvabeau Boy interactive doll is the little boy version of the Luvabella doll. This adorable interactive doll will amaze you with his true-to-life facial expressions and movements! Play and interact with her in so many ways!

Luvabeu Interactive Baby Boy Doll

Many children are already finding so many real baby surprises with Luvabeau! He blinks, babbles, says Mama, moves his arms up and down, sucks on a pacifier/bottle, plays peek-a-boo and falls asleep when you lay him down.

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